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Blog Review by mom using kids/teens version with her teen:

You have asked and it is finally here! I am so excited to share the Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids/Teens with you. I am praying your children love this amazing and fun design by children's book illustrator Jack Foster.

The goal of this journal is to give kids and teens clear direction on HOW to have a deep and fulfilling quiet time from a young age. I am encouraging parents, Christian school teachers, homeschool parents, and youth/ministry leaders to use this journal once a week to develop a meaningful quiet time habit that makes God more relevant and real in their lives. I pray they will start to feel Jesus as their friend from an early age and crave their time with Him so it only increases from here. 

This thinner version is $15 for one or $26 for 2 and includes:
1) Page to create a custom cover with clear cover to protect it
2) Picture Key at front for easy reference (soon it is memorized)
3) To and From page for gifting with space for a personal note
4) 3-page Parent/Teacher/Leader guide
5) Personal Page for favorites and a selfie
6) Sample Journal Entry by a 12-year-old boy
7) 66 Journal Pages and a 66 blank white pages above it to get creative, doodle, or paste things (if they enjoy that)
8) 15 Summary Pages with a new character page feature
9) Wirebound with thick backing for easy writing

Please see the sample journal entry graphic below written by a 12-year-old boy and a full-spread by a 6-year-old girl. This journal is recommended for ages 8+, but younger kids can use it if you walk through it and write down their words. It is such a fun way to create deeper connecting and learning opportunities with your children when you do an entry together. Once they get the hang of it, you can be using your adult version right beside them as they do theirs. If you have an adult version and they have seen you journaling, ask if they would want their very own copy. Also, teachers and homeschool parents can make an entry a weekly  assignment. Monday is a great day for this - while the spiritual food is fresh from church on Sunday. As they look back over the year their spiritual growth will be very evident and God will be seen in ink. 

This journal has 4 talking prayer areas and 5 listening/learning prayer areas. Kids don't have to fill out all 9 prayer areas each time they use their journal. The listening/learning areas will help children get better at noticing God's movement in their life so they can move toward His plans and purposes for their lives. 

If you have any questions or would like to buy them for special bulk pricing, please contact

Jack Foster has illustrated over 50 children's books. He is a Christ follower, father of 5 great kids and grandfather of 13. He lives just outside Chicago with his lovely wife, Aleithia and a cat named Jasper. Visit his Mr. Biblehead blog for children by clicking here. Jack's work can be found at and books can be purchased by searching his name on Amazon.