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                        Moody Radio "This Is The Day" Interview
What is a Spiritual Circle Journal?
A Spiritual Circle Journal is an innovative and simple new way to connect with God that is for anyone who can write a bullet point or a sentence in a circle. The circle format allows for a quick jump into your time with God, so it is easy to dive right in. The circles are designated for specific things that go in the same spots each day, with a circle key (see picture below) that is soon memorized. The layout allows you to jump around the circles in no particular order, just like our brains process information. The format helps you get deep quick and really focuses your time with God.  
This tool is very different than most anything you may have come across. As Anita Lustrea, the co-host of Moody Radio's Midday Connection said on air, “Some hear the word journaling and they kind of tune out in their mind. They think, ‘Oh I  have tried journaling. Can’t do it. It just isn’t for me.’  Well this is a different kind of journaling and this indeed may be for you.” Her co-host Melinda Schmidt contacted journal creator Liz Lassa within hours of her first time using it to schedule an interview. The listener response was extremely positive. When Midday Connection needed an interview to fill a show several months later, they reaired this interview! This tool was created by Liz Lassa for her own personal use - but God had other plans! Now Spiritual Circle Journals are all over the country, and Liz is teaching workshops on this way of connecting with God. God is truly amazing! However, Liz has only scratched the surface of reaching those who could really benefit from this fun way of connecting with God.
Liz created this tool out of her own desperate need to find God in the smaller chunks of time that remained after having her 3rd child. As a Christian Life Coach she uses mindmapping with clients to simplify a complicated project or plan. This journal is a mindmap that simplifies a quiet time. Using this tool results in a closer relationship with God, a more fulfilling quiet time, and a life guided more clearly by the Spirit. God's repeated messages, instruction, care, and guidance are easily seen in the five listening circles.
What do the Circles Represent?
The nine circles represent nine key areas of a fulfilling quiet time. A "circle key (see picture to the left below)" at the front of the journal gives users prompts as to what they might write in each circle. Four circles are what we might share with God, and five circles help us better listen, notice, and discern God's leadings and guidance. Liz has found that many struggle with listening for God. She has been helping those in her immediate circles to better understand this part of their spiritual journey for the last six years. Her favorite saying is, "Get your antenna up!" Liz's calling is to help other people discover their life purpose. Helping others SEE God's guidance in their lives is key to helping them become who and what God created them to be.
How is this tool Formatted?
The front of the journal is a short book with chapters covering:
* the cool story of how God brought this project into being 
sample entries
* how to have a meaningful and deep quiet time with God and
* how to use this journal as a processing tool. 
Ninety blank circle pages follow, each with a blank page above it to write longer journal entries, bible study notes, sermon highlights, small group prayer requests, and retreat insights. Draw, doodle, paste pictures, etc. on that blank page as well. As one woman says in the testimonials, "This journal is structured freedom!" The circles are the structure, the blank page above is the freedom you might need at times.
What are the Summary Pages?
The journal concludes with 12 summary pages that can be used to group things such as Key Scriptures, Lessons Learned, or Connect-the-Dots stories that cover the timeframe of the journal. It is great to have all the gems of wisdom God has taught all on a few pages for easy reference! The Connect-the-Dots pages tell our story and visibly illustrates how God was orchestrating so much out of our control. When seen is this obvious way, God gets ALL the credit! There are sample pages to illustrate these three ways to use summary pages in the journal.
This journal was based off Liz Lassa's "A Date With God - Renewing Our Mind Down by the River" prayer card she used for longhand journaling. This card gives a linear order to a longer quiet time for those opportunities when someone can spend bigger chunks of time with God. This prayer card and others are available on the Shopping page. They make great gifts for small groups, leadership teams, or friends/family who would like more guidance in this area.
Table of Contents and FREE Chapter 1 - My Story