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The unique format helps you notice the Holy Spirit's daily movement & guidance in your life and follow it so you become who you were created to be! 

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Listen to my Life - Life Maps

If you have heard Liz's story then you know the "Listen to My Life - Life Maps" played a huge part in leading her into God's plans for her life. 

As a life purpose coach Liz feels the MAPS are one of the best Biblical tools for recognizing and responding to God through your own story. There are 3 past, 3 present, and 2 future maps. You can buy them at

If you want Liz to walk alongside you as you take this amazing journey she is a Christian Life Maps facilitator. She loves coaching people through the maps and helping them discover what God has next for them. Email Liz if you are interested in one or more of the maps. You will come back to purchase once you have connected with her.