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Hello ladies! (we can customize this copy to fit your needs and event cost)

We are excited to host this fun event "Better than Chocolate" very soon (see event flyer below). We think you are going to love what Liz Lassa has to share. Liz and the Spiritual Circle Journal have both been featured on Moody Radio and Focus on the Family. We are certain you will enjoy the chocolate we plan to provide!

This event is open to women of all ages and older teens who want to revitalize their quiet time and reach for God instead of unhealthy things when life gets stressful. 

The cost includes the class and the "on-the-go" Spiritual Circle Journal at a lower bulk rate.  The journal is normally $15, but we will get it for $12.50 and it will be tax exempt. 

Feel free to invite a friend or family member. This event link can be shared with others. Please register by filling out the form below the flyer AND purchasing your event ticket by (RSVP date). Just click "add to cart" and use your credit card to pay for the event.

We hope to see you there!

In Him, 

(your name and email)

P.S. For more information about Liz and the journal visit

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Better than Chocolate! & a Journal

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