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As of May 2018 Creative Educator Joani Heavey will be filling in for Tamara Peterson. She is in the aqua shirt in the first photo.

"Seeking God in Fresh & Fun Ways" Day Retreat

Seeking God in Fresh & Fun Ways

This is a full-day, turnkey, retreat led by Creative Educator Joani Heavey and Spiritual Circle Journal Creator Liz Lassa. The flyer design, press releases/PSAs, event promotion timelines/tips, and often decorations are all provided. This is a day of fellowship and growth that your ladies will love! Watch the promotional video below.

Retreat Promotional Video 

Note this video features Tamara, but still gives you the exact idea of what the day will look like. Watch this 3-minute video. Please email for more information.

Hear what "Seeking God" attendees said...

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